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A verb {stlk-buk-ing} meaning to creep or stalk one person or more using the biggest internet stalker tool ever; facebook. We are all addicted to it and we all do it, don't deny it.
Guy 1: Dude, what are you on your ex-girlfriends profile again?
Guy 2: Uh, what, nothing...
Guy 1: Man, you're fully stalkbooking her!
Guy 2: Shut up!
by Kayla-Eau May 19, 2008
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stalking via facebook; you've all done it. looking a little to hard for that sexy co-worker, or ex-whatever...
can't wait to start stalk booking these hotties.
by the real mr t. September 06, 2008
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The act of repeatedly visiting one's Facebook wall and/or commenting on one's Facebook status.
Ray : Diane has been commenting on my status all day long.

Tom : Dude, she is stalkbooking you !
by SuperRay February 16, 2010
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when you creep massively on facebook to an unhealthy extent usual participants have no life.
ashley: i think she had a picture of it on facebook..
sara(stalkbooker): oh i know she uploaded it .2 seconds ago ashley that's such old news.
ashley:creep stop stalkbooking
sara:shut upahhhhh!
by pseudonymeqe October 25, 2009
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Stalking your friends on facebook, a feature made much easier by the newest version.
Johnny: Dude, are you there?
Ryan: Sorry, I was stalkbooking that girl in our math class.
by Lmaowls April 16, 2009
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