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The urge to frantically know everything about a person by searching their facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr and sometimes even pintrest.
That guy is so hot! Lets stalk him!
She was so stalking me last night, she accidentally liked my profile picture.
by RhiRhi Got back May 30, 2015
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Contrary to common belief, stalking is not the act of attempting to reconnect with old friends that you were not necessarily close with in the first place. Stalking is about intent that is either malicious or obsessive, but malice or obsession cannot be objectively evaluated from narratives, which is why a judge is willing to use their empirical senses to deduce and induce that a guy might be obsessed with a girl who is physically attractive if she feels uncomfortable around him because she thinks there's something inherently wrong with his brain that can't be fixed. Modern science has made it possible to objectively determine whether a person's brain was creating too much, "obsessive thinking."

Stalking by a girl is usually characterized by malice or a need for drama. Because of that, whether a person is stalking is determined by whether they violate a judicial order to stop.
Because only a judge can give an opinion on intent, the behavior of stalking can be characterized by what your definition of "is" is, and whether a person has violated a judicial order to stop.
by Rosebud1776 April 21, 2017
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To follow and/or spy on someone you have feelings for. Those feelings need not be of a kind and loving nature. People who stalk are usually obsessed with the stalkee.
Tim: Why are you hiding in that bush?
John: I'm stalking the girl who lives here!
by Nornin August 10, 2006
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Apparently what guys are doing if they flirt with a girl that doesn't like them.
"Like, OMG, this guy is stalking me because I don't like him and he asked me out. Now lemme look at that hot guy's Myspace for the 19th time today."
by bigtones March 19, 2007
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When two people in love go for a nice long walk.
Only, one of them doesn't know they're being followed.
Dude One: I think that girl is stalking me man and it's freaking me out.
Dude Two: Oh man don't sweat it. It just means you're in love!
Dude One: Okay seriously man, what the fuck?
by I Learn Things From Bunnies November 04, 2009
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The act of seeking a hot person out in any means possible. Stalking is meant to be innocent and doesn't always make the person a stalker.
Examples of stalking include searching the person on the internet, adding as a friend on social networks and wathcing their every move, clicking on their mom's profile to find out personal family information, casually asking in a conversation where they live, driving by their house repeatedly, getting their tag number, dropping by at their job, following the person through the grocery store... and the list goes on.
by closetstoner February 07, 2010
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