1. Arguably the largest, bloodiest, and most desperate battle of World War II. Occured in 1942-1943 when A Nazi German Army Group South, initially 500,000 men strong, had pushed south of Moscow into the Caucasus, fighting their way to the city of Stalingrad (former Tsaritsyn and modern-day Volgograd), where they were intercepted by the re-organized Soviet armies, about 1,000,000 men (and women) strong.

Both sides failed to claim a decisive victory; the German forces occupied 90% of the city at their peak, but never managed to completely eliminate resistance, while the Soviet armies kept sending reinforcements. Both sides indiscriminately air-bombed and howitzer-shelled the city; in fact, despite the freezing temperature of -30 centigrade, air within the city was hot from the constant gunpowder explosions. Eventually, the fighting degenerated into a bloody meatgrinding house-to-house warfare, dubbed by the Germans as rat-war.

The Soviet reserves eventually broke through the outer defences, and encircled the city, trapping the Germans in a pocket. The German commander, von Paulus, repeately argued before Hitler that a breakthrough retreat was vital to the German survival, but the madman Hitler prohibited retreat, which eventually caused the entire German army group to collapse.

At over a million casualties from each side, the battle of Stalingrad was perhaps the bloodiest battle of the war. It was especially devastating to the Germans, however, as they lost their best equipment, and unlike the Soviets, did not have the reserve manpower to replace the terrible losses. The battle of Stalingrad is considered the most important turning point on the Eastern front, and quite possibly the single most important battle of the war.
The movie "Enemy at the Gates", although way over-romanticized and hollywoodised, nevertheless manages to show a small glimpse of what fighting in Stalingrad was like.
by Elvarg October 3, 2005
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A major setting in the Eastern theater of WWII, where almost-infinite Soviets were sent into battle to fend off the invading nazi forces. An entirely urban setting, it was one of the bloodiest scenarios during WWII.

Maybe this is why the Russians call WWII "The Great Patriotic War".
"Stalingrad is a decent map to fight on in Battlefield."
by Dave December 31, 2005
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Named after the Battle of Stalingrad from 1942 to 1943. Used to describe a bloody battle with a lot of street and house to house fighting. Both sides will receive huge casualties.
The Battle of Aachen is known as "America's Stalingrad", as there are heavy street and house to house fighting.
"I won't recommend you go in there, it's Stalingrad over there," said a Major to his Lieutenant.
by 09 Jäger September 15, 2020
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Devastating battle during the war, sending tons of soviets to reclaim Stalingrad off the beaches against the Germans with the obvious advantage. A bloody and tragic fight with the irony being that you practically died if you advance further or if you retreated.
"With our superior strength in numbers, and our boundless courage, victory is ours! We shall stop the fascist invaders there - at Stalingrad!"
by Lotto23 February 1, 2005
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shoving the red armys flag up your partners butthole.
i wanna give you a stalingrad.
by wolve eyes April 14, 2009
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when you take a shit in a brown bag, put it over the girls head and then fuck her belly button until it bleeds
Joe came home from a long day at work and preformed a Stalingrad on Sue.
by Jesuswrotethebible44 August 4, 2009
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In a male-female-male threesome, the first male attempts to penetrate the second from behind while the second is distracted with the female. Named after Hitler's attack in WWII.
Man, I only agreed to a threesome because she was so hot. I didn't realize he was going use the Stalingrad Maneuver on me. My ass still hurts.
by Marty S. November 30, 2006
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