One of the smallest schools with one of the highest tuitions, and some of the richest students in the area. Extremly hot girls who are often seen in their SUVs and sports cars racing off campus to get trashed. It is located on the highest point in potomac, and has one of the best cross country teams in the area.. why? because we like to go to all the parties that get crashed and get in shape from running from the police.
Student 1: hey is that a cop?
Student 2: I don't know... pass the vodka
by xoxo November 16, 2004
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Location of the Old Course, one of the first golf courses ever created and still played today.
The PGA is live from the Old Course at St. Andrews
by Kottonmouth_King_420 July 1, 2006
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An episcopal school located in Austin, Texas for grades 1-12. The school is known for its liberal stance on issues such as homosexuality. Also known for its kickass lacrosse team. Students are generally drawn from the monied elite in Westlake, and Terrytown.
Student 1: <pops his collar> I'm going to St. Andrews Upper School to air all of my liberal views.
by Jenna87 October 30, 2006
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This is a great institution with fantastic teachers where sexy ladies and a few upper classmen boys know how to have a good time. To these other definitions... I'm sorry you were either a huge loser at SAES or your application was simply rejected... sweet life.
Mr. Kosasky's a fag.
by Rick James December 25, 2004
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Where creativity goes to curl up in the fetal position and die.
Student 1 : <Thinks> "Perhaps I should pop my collar. Everyone else appears to have popped their collar."
*pops collar*
Students 2-6, collectively : "Good call on the popped collar, Student 1. Lets go get f***ed up."
by Coca Cola January 14, 2005
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An evil, evil place, inhabited mostly by rich children with no souls, who learn how to form cliques and wear expensive clothing in preperation for their inherited life of wealth/transformation into their parents.

Terms to know: wigger, racist, assholes, WASP, JAP, douchebag, preppy
Student 1: Did you see the OC last night?
Student 2: No, my mom called me a fat piece of shit and hit me after she caught me eating some yogurt, so I spent the rest of the night throwing up and crying. You know, same old same old.
Student 1: It's okay, I taped it. No one will know you didn't watch!
by The kids aren't allright December 7, 2004
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A bunch of prep monsters only conserned about if you are preppy enough. Oh, also if there car is pimped out enough, because if its not its "Ghetto". SORRY WE DONT ALL DRIVES ESCALADES
Example 1:Student1: Oh my god did you see One Tree Hill last night
Student2: Yeah, totally bitchin'
Student1: Lets go buy some polosand skirts that are to short for us
Student2: Flippin yes
St. Andrews student: You go to public school
Public School Student:Yes
St. Andrews student: I can tell
by public school March 2, 2005
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