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One of the smallest schools with one of the highest tuitions, and some of the richest students in the area. Extremly hot girls who are often seen in their SUVs and sports cars racing off campus to get trashed. It is located on the highest point in potomac, and has one of the best cross country teams in the area.. why? because we like to go to all the parties that get crashed and get in shape from running from the police.
Student 1: hey is that a cop?
Student 2: I don't know... pass the vodka
by xoxo November 15, 2004

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A school where the boys wear basketball shorts and sneakers all year long, all have justin bieber haircuts, and braces. The girls all straighten their hair every day, wear LOADS of eyeliner, and their wardrobe consists of one store: Pink by Victorias Secret (especially at the middle school.) They are extremely annoying and stuck up, and by the time they get to senior year, their hair is burnt to a crisp and they look like barbie dolls someone forgot to take care of. Surrounding schools HATE masconomet, yet masco-lites seems COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to that fact, Boxford is the wealthiest, then Topsfield, then Middleton is the "ghetto" of the tri-town. Speaking of ghetto, everyone there wishes they were black and try to act and dress as ghetto as possible for an upper middle class white kid. The boys get ear piercings, were their pants low, and accessorize with chains/flat hats. The girls buy Osiris shoes and talk like they're from the Bronx. YOLO and SWAG seem to be the mottos at this school. Masco Kids are extremely annoying and are virtually impossible to hang out with.
Masco Kid 1- "YOLO MY BABES! we be getting cray tonight we gon' be dancing and shiz and it gon' be cray!"

Not a Masco Kid 2- "You're twelve, and you are some rich kid from Boxford. And you're going to a school dance. With chaperones."

Masco Kid 1- "WHATEVS mai home boy we be partaying so i don't need you a got mai $WAG! Double G! $WAGG! das right! learn it and live by it!"

Not a Masco Kid 2- "You are definitely a masconomet kid."


Kid 1- "Yo, did you go to that party last night?"

Kid 2- "Ya, it was CRAZY."

Kid 1- " Did you see that girl with the heavy eyeliner and the fried hair?"

Kid 2- "How could I miss her? She looked like a burnt barbie, haha."

Kid 1- " I bet she was a Masconomet Kid."

Kid 2- "Definitely."
by xOxO October 15, 2012

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Lipo is when you eat all the fat foods you want then the plastic suregons suck out all that fucking fat you've been eating.ONLY FOR $10,000 isn't that wonderful?You can eat a metric ton and just fucking suck it out....
Wife:Honey,I think i'm gettin fat from McDonald's
Husband:You should just get all that fucking fat sucked outta you
Wife:It's cuz of the bad sex isn't it???
by XoXo January 06, 2005

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An incredibly sexy singer who has a resemblence to Elvis. Has an amazing voice and plays the guitar.
Whoa! That Tyler Hilton sure looks like Elvis!
by XOXO April 09, 2005

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Elitism, secrecy, and tradition.
Fuck, is bco down again?
by xoxo February 11, 2005

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When the power doesn't go out, but it fades for a second and maybe blinks.
I had to unplug some appliances because I didn't want them to be damaged by a power surge after the brown out.
by xoxo May 24, 2004

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Sothern Californa's version of hella. Means really. Probably not used much out of soCal.
That shirt was grippa nice!
by xoxo June 25, 2004

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