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One who consumes the flesh of fetuses and/or babies and also smokes crack regularly.
I'm off crack, it's for Westlakes.
by John September 05, 2003
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A person who smokes crack and eats babies.
Ryan Westlake eats babies and smokes crack.
by Matt Tennant February 27, 2003
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A small suburb on the west side of Urban Cleveland. Westlake is surrounded by Neighboring suburbs such as North Olmsted, Bay Village, Rocky River, Avon, and North Ridgeville. Westlake is known for its "Trendy" public scene, such as Crocker Park. Westlake is also know for its sick tight bro's that can fucking run any beer pong table in the county. as long as its Natty, Ha. BASICALLY Reds the man...and everyones shady and plugs tylenol in their asshole, while listening to cypress hill smoking a mersh Joint, rolled in a receipt of course. Every principal at westlake high school, gave one another blow jobs as they teamed up to BUST THE MERSH DEALERS. sick. mitchnmartin4lyfe peace
dood lets hit that westlake party, u KNOW thats the spot to PLUG dude!! oh, ya dude your right, im trying to GET MY ASSHOLE LOADED tn! haha, lets do it bro!
by J KOVO December 31, 2010
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