A once quiet, laid-back, friendly small Texas city populated mainly by native Texans and UT students. A very attractive and pleasant place, full of culture, great food, a great music scene, and nonstop nightlife, but a climate of brutal summers lasting 6 months out of the year and bipolar winters that can be anywhere from 10-90 degrees. Until the 1970’s, many people outside the south commonly known as “Yankees”, decided to move there and kept their personalities and culture of perceived unfriendliness, hostility, and indifference. And for the past 20-30 years, it has now become a very progressive city full of culture and pretentiousness, but now an overcrowded and overpriced cesspool with nonstop traffic from 5:00 a.m to 1:00 a.m. and middle-classes flocking to Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Leander on the north side and Buda and Manchaca on the south side. Westlake Hills remains the upper middle class white flight area it has been since the 1970’s.
I’m from Austin, Texas. I’m a UT graduate with a doctorate degree in philosophy, a vegan that loves beyond sausage hot dogs with Sriracha, wants a sterile, politically correct society, and far left socialist. Drive up the prices of homes to make the place more desirable! Now I’m going to work at the vegan restaurant I work at waiting tables so I can pay my $3000 a month rent on a 1 room apartment downtown!
by waspcoloredstain December 18, 2021
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"man, I just want to go somewhere where everyone's just COOL, ya know, man?"

"dude, you gotta go to austin, texas"
by The Doctor 6666666 December 10, 2011
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austin texas is a hippie town with lots of stoners and dank ganj. its fun and theres a bunch of music everywhere, like the most popular music festival acl. its a lot of fun and austin is cool
austin texas is so fun
by austinchickganj March 10, 2011
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The capitol city of Texas. While very beautiful,it is filled with idiotic liberal mars volta fans and backwater conservative rich cowboys. Home of the University of Texas,many college kids who believe they're individuals house themselves on sixth street. And while it's the live music capitol of the world,it's population consists of whiny yuppies with vague political agendas and an effinity for drinking. Good to go to for various national acts and performances,and the occasional trip to waterloo records to find any and all albums you might want...but I wouldn't suggest living there due to the fact that the only good part of it is downtown and the cost of living doesn't compensate for the social morons who lurk about.
Austin,Texas is probably one of the fakest places i'll ever visit.
by Mike Sharp October 11, 2005
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A homosexual emo. has very controversial opinions about my dad
did you guys hear, austin texas sherbert newyork is homophobic!!

so true!!
by mocaasaoba btw September 27, 2021
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