Hey! Do you want to go to PGA next weekend?

Sure! :) call me at 2PM tomorrow for the deats.
by Chelsea.Jayy. July 11, 2008
Pretty Girl Advantage. When pretty girls get advantages or free things that males and average-looking women don't get.
Jen: So I accidentally left my wallet at home this morning, but when I had to pay the bus driver and I realized I didn't have it, he said I could ride for free.
Bob: You girls are so lucky. Us guys never get PGAs like that.
by SEC89 September 20, 2008
Professional Golf Association

The NFL or NBA for Golf.

Famous golfers: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh, Stuart Appleby, Retief Goosen.
I am watching the PGA US Open on the Golf Channel now.
by Kottonmouth_King_420 June 23, 2006
Plain girl attractive.

Basically a girl who isn't particularly slim or chubby, has average sized tits, average curves, average length hair, is neither popular nor unpopular and is generally average at everything. Isn't particularly attractive, but still isn't unattractive.
Average and popular boys won't blink an eyelid at her, but the not-so-popular boys crush on her because she's considered not too far out of their league. Often gets a lot of unwanted male attention.
Popular girl 1: How the hell did she get half of the nerds to drool over her? She's not even that hot!
Popular girl 2: She's just PGA, you know, plain girl attractive.
by Mipmipmip September 27, 2013
stands for pure grain alcohol
everclear is a type of pga
by thatgrl March 17, 2005
Let's report these players to admin, they have pga.
by erhanbabayaro June 8, 2009