The "Darkhorse" of rich American towns, Potomac is, based on per capita income, the richest community in the Country. While it is often believed that Greenwich or Westport is the Mecca of haute coutre and the center of White Judeo-Protestant wealth, Potomac residents exceed their combined aggregate income by 9 figures. It is not uncommon to smoke a cigar in what is affectionately known as "the Village" with the Director of the CIA, Michael Jordon (who has a business residence here), and film icon Barry Levinson. In addition, 30 percent of Potomac's inhabitants started or currently run multi-billion dollar bio-tech and defense firms. This stands in stark contrast to Greenwich and Westport because it is indicative of both Potomac residents' superior intelligence and lack of propensity to find comfort in estate-generated inheritance wealth.

Children in Potomac, while extremely comfortable, are not like the children of other ultra-elite towns in America because they understand the value of work and, more often than not, cannot rely on an inheritance or pure nepotism to guarantee them a job, since their parents are often highly specialized lawyers, doctors, CEO's, politicians, ambassadors, or the Vice President. This does not mean, however, that they are not the object of familial spending. A walk through the Churchill HS parking lot is reminiscent of a DuPont Registry Catalouge. Parties in the area often have at least two kegs filled with a special-order microbrew and an obscure, but fantastic import. Marijuana is never purchased; 8-12 ounces is placed at the center of the party for all to partake in. the party ends when the parents' return from their business trip to Milan and Dubai in a private helicopter.

All this, and the town is adjacent to one of the largest national parks on the Eastern Seaboard, as well as the beacon of the free world, Washington D.C.

Either way, the town is the shit and all the connecticuit wannabes need to take a trip down south to see what it means to be actively, responsibly, and tremendously RICH.
Greenwich and Westport kids are ostentatious because they are jealous of Potomac kids.
The nicest and wealthiest suburb and town in the state of Maryland, and quite possibly in the country. The people from Potomac are VERY well cultured, traveled and educated. Most of them own large businesses or work for large companies. The area has one of the best high schools in the country; Winston Churchill High School along with several other very well accredited private schools, with an average graudation rate of 99% each year. The show 90210 was supposed to be on Potomac, but due to the lack of unfamiliarity when compared to Beverly Hills, the show was based their. Just about everyone in the Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania area are familiar with the Potomac, MD, if not they need to get their head out from under that rock!!
potomac parent: I cant believe you just wrecked that mercedes we baught you!
HS student: But daddy it wasnt my fault! I want something else!
potomac parent: ok, well just wait until your birthday
HS student: NO, i want it now
by surferboy1 January 14, 2010
place where the highest-income families in maryland live. in fact, it's the city with the highest-income families in the entire country. small suburban city where everyone is rich as shit and drives ferrari's and porsche's. consists mainly of asians and white jewish kids who are all snobby and think they're better than everyone else
dude 1: dude you live in potomac? you must be rich as shit.
dude 2: no not everyone in potomac is rich, there are the ghettos of potomac
dude 1: you liar
dude 2: =/
by iliveinpotomac January 17, 2004
because potomac is the city where the highest income families in the country live, it is the most stereotyped city too. everybody thinks potomac is full of japs but that isn't true. yes, we may be rich, but don't assume that everyone is a spoiled, stuck-up bitch. a town where the girls are hot, the guys are hot and prep fashion is ALWAYS in. in addition, churchill dominates every other high school in the area. GO DAWGS!
hot guy #1: check out that hottie over there
hot guy #2: damnn and she looks rich as shit too..she must be from potomac
hot guy #1: sweet!
by inlovewithpotomac January 30, 2005
the best prep town in the world!hotties live there!
ur hot. u must be from potomac.
by hooverinian May 27, 2006
The quintessential über-wealthy suburb, teeming with perfect, overachieving kids who come of age in enormous houses. People of all cultures and faiths live side-by-side in Potomac, united in their love of, and exceptional talent for, amassing vast amounts of money. The gentle hills of this former horse-breeding community are permeated on weekend nights by the thumping music of parties that rival those in films of John Hughes.
A: So where are you from?
B: Potomac
A: Rich kid, huh.
by Suburb May 21, 2008
The greatest, richest suburb of the united states. Where kids get what they want and can get away with anything. Late nights in friends giant basements and house parties in the best houses. No other town in america can compete.
Michael Jordan built the sickest house in Ptown
by Youknowhowwedo February 21, 2005