49 definitions by Rick James

someone that qualifies as a severe douchebag, so much that they have the inherent qualities of both a pussy and a vagina.
that one guy ape is a pussgina
by Rick James August 22, 2004
To hatefuck yourself - the more painful the better - instead of lube use salt or chalk
Tyrone Biggins flusterbates 6-10 times a day.
by Rick James May 6, 2004
according to what a white boy told me, boo boo is "ebonics" for poo poo what made him think this is beyond me
<White Boy> When Outkast says "roses really smell like boo boo" boo boo is ebonic slang for poo poo
by Rick James April 19, 2004
Example of Disagreement:
Bill - I can fuck that hot chick!
Fred - pff!

Example of Agreement/as good as done:
Bill - we are going to get fucked up!
Fred - pff!

1.b. One may also choose to spell out pff for a more dramatic effect.

Example of Disagreement:
Bill - I am one cool dude!
Fred - P-F-F!
by Rick James February 25, 2005
Delmar Loop: reference to a specific place in Saint Louis frequented by Washington University college students and the Saint Lunatics.
Let's go to the loop and get some food at Blueberry Hill.
by Rick James March 17, 2004
n. 1. One who juggles male genetalia.
2. Someone who is a little whiny bitch, and won't shut the hell up.
Would you shut the hell up already? You fucking cock juggler!
by Rick James February 28, 2005