The feeling a female gets when they're really turned on. Not up near their belly button, but lower. Definitely in the vagina. None of this butterflies up by the belly button business. We're talking serious, I need it now, no fooling around business. Wet.

Or, the feeling a guy gets when he's so turned on that he has to stick it in or bop the baloney before something bad happens. Sex hungry.
Craig is so sexy, I squirm just by looking at him!!
by GOLisreallyLOL November 22, 2011
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When a worm gets creeped out
When a worm gets squicked
Worm 1: dude I got a really sharp pine needle to the face the other day and now I’m pierced

Worm 2: oh shit that squirms me, man, that sounds gnarly
by Ladman March 16, 2021
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The perfect word to substitute all names you call people. Instead of words like asshole, fucker, bitch, pussy, snitch, or even cumface, use SQUIRM in its place. You'll feel liberated.

SQUIRM also works well as an adjective substitute!

Using the abbreviated form of "SQRM" is also acceptable and encouraged.
"Can you believe what that fucking squirm said last night?"

"Yeah, that was a squirmy ass thing to say."
by T-Bone HRTMN July 27, 2018
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A white boy who looks like a thug but on the inside is really a faggot
My cousin is dating a squirm named Austin
by Titus4884 December 30, 2011
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The act of hot, sweaty coitus.
"Fancy a squirm?" he asked, hoping that, at last he would break his duck, "I've got the baby oil and everything." Alas, the Dowager Duchess turned him down again.
by S Duck March 31, 2006
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(for females) the momentary sensation below your bellybutton that occurs when you're turned on, or have a dirty thought
The football groupie squirmed when QB1 walked by
by b@ddestb1tch January 31, 2011
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A piece of small matter, such as "lint" or "flying worms", that is stuck in the crevice of a buttox. They are usually washed out during showers, anal facilitation and maitenance after a toilet session, or rectal picking.
Wow those wool underpants contain potential squirms.
by Guh-eye May 27, 2005
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