A young woman, often under age, who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys. See Suzy Creamcheese.
She was a groupie for Nirvana, but she never got past blowing the roadies.
by oner March 16, 2004
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n. A groupie is a person whose devotion to a person (usually a celebrity, especially a rock and roll star) approaches the level of fanaticism.

Groupie is derived from group, meaning a musical band, but now has more general application.

Female groupies in particular are known for a long-standing tradition of being available for, and willing to have, sexual intercourse with celebrities and rock stars. While only a small number of groupies are truly promiscuous in that they are willing to trade sexual favors for attention, the tradition of "rock and roll groupies" continues to the present day, contributing to the image of the rock-and-roll lifestyle as one where sex and drugs are readily available at any time.

A few examples of well-known groupies include Pamela DesBarres, Savannah, Cynthia Plaster Caster, Sable Starr, Bebe Buell, Connie Hamzy, Lori Maddox, Bobbi Brown and Miss Harlow.
by Neurotique November 28, 2005
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One who will do almost anything including losing self respect to get near a specific celebrity or group.
Not to be confused with a fan or supporter.
After the show, the groupies were throwing underware on the stage.
by MSTOYA1 January 10, 2008
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A person, either male or female, who enjoys one's talent enough to create the desire to form a relationship with them, whether it be a friendship, casual relationship, or romantic relationship. These girls often proved to be muses and inspirations for the musicians, due to the combination of loyal fan and friend.

The term gained a negative connotation when those who were jealous of and/or didn't agree with the groupie lifestyle started using the word with a negative connotation. This turn was also attributed to many of the value-less groupies who began using musicians to gain fame or money after giving small sexual favors to roadies and lowly crew members.
"God, that girl is such an obnoxious groupie, she's just using (insert musician here) to live in luxury!"

"Pamela Des Barres is the coolest groupie ever! She dated Jimmy Page and hung out with John Lennon!"
by BeatleBandaide August 4, 2006
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Is a girl who surrounds themselves with anybody with fame. They go to all-star weekends when it's not in their city. They only date guys with fame. They are searching for a way out of their little world. They are girls that are siting at the money makers VIP's table with their friends drinking all the free alcohol. They google names to see who makes what.
"Its all star weekend in south dakota lets fly out there-groupie"
by jonnybegood July 4, 2009
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someone who enjoys being around rock groups and also enjoys having sex with them
groupies are girls, women, females, chicks,chix
by jjjjjj July 6, 2006
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The untalented who follow the talented around, to try and get some talent rubbed off unto their dull, talentless shoulders.
Why the hell would you be a groupie?! Be a roadie instead, you get to handle all the neat guitars, set up lights and tech stuff, and if you *accidentally* get to sleep with one of the bandmates, people won't call you a slut, they'll just say you're friends with benefits....goddamn stereotypes...
by stray September 15, 2004
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