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When someone gets everything they want without putting his own effort in it.
Often people ask other people to do / explain stuff because they are too lazy to do the work by themself.. so they want other people to do the work for them. If a Stranger is to lazy to google something, and another person help him with more informations (or other stuff), thats spoonfeeding. In Hacker Boards often People say "no spoonfeeding, sorry" if someone ask something without researching in the past about the question. Often Informations are public accesable but people are lazy. So often "no spoonfeeding here, sorry" is a "gtfo and read the manual / google it" answer lazy people get from others.
Person A: "How do i ...?"
Person B: "It's easy you just must do.. and then..then.." (<-- spoon feeding because the infos are public accesable)
by AnnaWagner November 19, 2017
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The act of surprisingly inserting you're penis into the girl whilst spooning.
Dude, I totally snuck in some spoon feeding with Rachel last night
by AirHarrison September 30, 2010
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1. When a car and/or truck will not accept fuel at the fastest rate posible from the pump and the fuel pumper must slow the flow rate down to a trickle to keep the fuel from backing up and splashing out of the fuel opening.
I had to spoon feed that U-haul truck because gas was spitting out.
by Zone Ranger February 18, 2008
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When a couple is laying chest to back (spooning) under a blanket, and the "little spoon" farts, the smell is channeled by the cavity between the two bodies, blanket, and bed directly into the face of the "big spoon."
I refuse to snuggle with my girlfriend after sex anymore. I'm afraid she'll wind up spoon feeding me a broccoli fart again.
by Anarch0n August 14, 2010
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To literally feed a person while spooning.
I'm tired, hungry and lonely! Spoon feed me.
by Provwise July 16, 2015
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The act of cupping one's hand and farting into it. Then putting it over the nose of someone else when they inhale.
Dude#1. I ate Mexican food and had gas all day so I decided to spoon feed the old lady. The bitch threw-up and is all pissed at me.
Dude#2. That sucks. Did it smell like taco's?
by FletcherHPW October 8, 2010
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To set up your buddy with a girl who is DTF and open to the idea of a one time bang - via someone you know. ex: your girlfriend, sister, mom.. hell, even grandma if you're sick like that.
Jerome, recently dumped by his girlfriend, needed a boost. I decided I'd try to cheer him up with a spoon feed.
by pattycakes89 May 12, 2011
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