in spooning, the big spoon is the person in the back
Men are usually the big spoon.
by AzN LeMoN SkIn December 28, 2004
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The outside (taller) partner in spooning.
Invented by American Indians as a way to bring peace and harmony to the universe. The habit was taken over by their successors and given this name after switching to silver hardware to communicate with higher forces. Spread over Europe after WWII and heavy presence of peace-making troops as part of the Marshall plan. During the 1960s feminists fought their right to be big spoon in heterosexual relations. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the 21st century, more conservative forces brought things back to the previous order, forbidding by law shorter partners to play the role of big spoon. It all started in Germany during the cold winter of 2008 after it was discovered that the heat of big spoon was sufficient to save electricity and gas used for heating, saving the Earth from energy collapse. As a consequence, this reversed the global warming process and saved humankind from its final destruction and complete disappearance.
After the new law was brought in Germany in 2008, Steve had to be big spoon forever.
by Maja Novak January 07, 2008
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When spooning, the partner on the inside. Generally the man, or taller partner. Used without an article. (ie, "I like being big spoon," not "I like being the big spoon")

see also ladle.
While cuddling, Jenna prefers to be big spoon.
by Cosmo July 13, 2005
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The person who complements the little spoon in a bed. They are laid down facing the same direction but very close to each other in a spoon like position
Stacie was the big spoon to Jessica after they passed out in Jill's bed taking vodka root beer shots all night.
by Jess Dowd June 19, 2008
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a cabal of spoon manufacturers, including Rubbermaid and Cuisinart, who secretly dominate the government and media
Big spoon is responsible for all those superfluous "stir" steps in cooking directions. This has the dual effect of manufacturing demand for their product and keeping housewives shackled to the kitchen, reinforcing the nuclear family gender roles necessary for the stability of the capitalistic system on which Big Spoon profits.
by fork of truth July 18, 2008
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When two people are lying in a horizontal position, it is the person in the back. The big spoon is typically larger than the little spoon, for example a Megaladon is very large and therefore a big spoon. Female big spoons commonly have a fondness for younger men.
Girl 1: So I hear you pulled Harry from One direction last night, isn't he a bit young for you?

Girl 2: Yeh he is, but it's okay because I got to be the big spoon
by there's_a_snake_in_my_boot November 14, 2012
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A kind, tall, handsome, charismatic man (see RICK) that isn't complete unless he's accompanied by a smaller lady (see LISA, Little Spoon) whose body compliments the coordinating position in which he sleeps. Warning: If a Big Spoon and Little Spoon reproduce, their offspring would most likely be nerds.
"Aww, my little spoon is still here!" - Big Spoon
Note: The little spoon did not leave quietly in the wee morning hours like the stealth little spoon that she is.
by Little Spooner August 22, 2011
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