Not wiping you bum enough after a poop, and some poo residue is left on your tighty whities...thereby looking like a treadmark.
I didnt wipe hard enough, theres poo on my underwear, and now i have tread marks
by Samuek July 22, 2008
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The holes left over from herion usage
Nice tread marks dude
by *9 July 3, 2005
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The crusty brown streaks left inside underwear. Usually the result of simple nastiness.
Laura must use tongs because of the tread marks in George's thongs.
by nekedpig July 12, 2008
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a game played only by jewish childern attending private school
considred a sport
That game is tight .
Tread marks cal tread trad marks.
by Michael Coolmonkey April 21, 2004
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A stupid tank game made by LDA games. You can battle or race and its stupid. What a stupd name too! Azn's don't even deserve to play this game!
Tread Marks is stupid!
by haNd1287 April 20, 2004
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A shit so powerful it perminatly stains the toilet bowl.
"I'm bout' to take a massive turbo charged tread mark shit." -said shortly before absolutely destroying the local Ikea toilet display.
by JustSomeBeans January 9, 2022
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