Generally considered to be a woman who practices massage therapy, however this is a misnomer. A masseuse is a woman who practices massage and has none of the western medical training and is not licensed and may be associated with prostitution. In most states this is illegal.
Did you see your masseuse at the massage parlor today?

No, I prefer to receive massage from someone who knows how to perform therapeutic work and knows how to avoid injuring me. Also I don't visit prostitutes.
by raptorprincess November 1, 2014
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A woman who provides massage as a profession or occupation.
The masseuse massaged her client for a low flat rate
by CrippleNinja February 16, 2012
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an object or device of some sort, typically a vibrator or some other sex toy, used to pleasure that part of a woman's anatomy.
Jamie didn't understand why her friends spent so much many on sex toys when her washing machine, the best clit masseuse ever, was totally free!
by Suzie BostonKreme June 6, 2003
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A juice masseuse comes prepared with a variety of juices that will surely in the end be a very pleasant experience with many bonuses. juices will include; massage oils, sweat, more massage oil, more sweat, some leakage, sweat and then you know what "comes" next
when Matt ie: the juice masseuse arrives at April's with his plethera of juices and oils he rubbed her down until she was able to experience all the bonuses that "comes" with the massage
by John,April,Katie,Kate&Ryan December 29, 2005
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one who takes pride in fondling the area between a dude's balls and asshole
guy 1: who is that guy talking to my girlfriend?!

guy 2: don't sweat it dude, that guy is a total gooch-masseuse.. his boyfriend is standing by the penis ice sculpture.
by slavehead January 29, 2011
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A person who engages in the professional molestation of budgies. Normally this is due to a physical mutation which has resulted in extremely small penis size, this forcing them to resort to sex with tiny birds.
Wow, you're hung like a budgie masseuse.
by John P James June 19, 2008
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One who smears pizza sauce on there nipples and rubs there nipple while say "whos your daddy" to there pet.
Dude! I didn't realize it but my girlfriend likes to nipple Masseuse because i don't please her enough!
by tittyslappingcowboy68 October 8, 2009
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