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A 14 year old gamer, who gets hate Cause he's a beast. He games like a baller, does commentaries like a boss. He is a chill gamer, loves his subs. Plays with them, he may be annoying, but you gotta love him. Splamming is probably the best youtuber out there, so humble to his fans. Enough said!
Dude after i watched Splamming ('s) video, i had to go wash my hands.
by Splamming Fans May 24, 2011
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Just the thought of this word makes every mexican american wanna run straight back over the boarder. It also rhymes with scamming, a short stubby mexican who scams. It also makes for a bad youtube name. Bad soccer player mommas boy and still drinks out of a bottle. Additced to LiL Wayne. 14 yr old spoiled brat.
That bitch was up on me all night and she was Splamming!

Hell Naa That Nigga Splamming Gay "NO Homo NO homo"
by AliG^ April 13, 2011
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