You should subscribe to Dumbass Dinosaurs, They are the best youtuber EVAAAA!
by lordgrim the invcbke November 27, 2020
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A YouTube Best Friend is a common YouTube user that you share interests with ie. Movies, Music, Humor. Your YouTube Best Friend often shares videos with you, puts clever comments on your videos, or sends a friend invite or vice versa. Your YouTube Best Friend and you don't usually know eachothers first names and exclusively "know eachother" through YouTube.
Patrice: Who'd you get a personal message from on YouTube? That's weird.

Dole: Oh it's probably from famguyfan666. We send eachother funny-ass family guy clips.

Patrice: Oh is he like your YouTube Best Friend?

Dole: Totally.
by BBMisawesome March 8, 2010
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