A troll in chat, always trying to make DN-jokes, ratting in the basement.
Oh my, have you seen Josh being a total Vineyard in chat?
by KilLBulLEt January 27, 2023
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1. man: "hey, girl, i can see right down your top, nice vineyard"

2. woman: "how does my vineyard look in this top?"
by adieu52 April 13, 2010
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A females V location. Acreage located between belly line, thighs, upper legs, pubical plantation, vegina slice, vegina watering hole, the man cave and the sewage hole.
Wow, my sugar baby sent me a pic of her vineyard and then my sprinkler system immediately turned on and sprayed everywhere. I can't wait till she lets me suck as much wine out of it as i can in one sitting.
by GarfiNeedsLove December 18, 2018
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one who goes to the vineyard for some whale watching bush wacking fun.
mark is such a vinyarder when it comes to mary.
by steve February 16, 2005
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Martha's Vineyard is an island 4.5 miles south of Cape Cod. It is a place where all the rich people get high and drunk and have sex. Eventually the polar ice caps will melt and submerge the entire island of Martha's Vineyard and it will luckily be gone forever.
Dude I gotta get as much partying in on Martha's Vineyard with the loc rich people.
by South-West June 3, 2021
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Known for short as "MV", it is an island that is part of Massachusetts and is located off the coast of Cape Cod. It is the premier summer destination in all of New England, hands down. Unlike many other summer destinations, it provides a great variety of landscapes/locations. The up-island beaches of Aquinnah, Chilmark, West Tisbury, and Edgartown are the nicest ones on the island, and host the best bonfires around. The more "in-town" spots such as Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown are always booming with people in the summer, and are each great in their own unique way. Vineyard Haven is populated by many islanders, Oak Bluffs is the true "summer town", and Edgartown is the slighty fancier and more aristocratic of the three. Everyone has to experience this amazing place at least once in their lifetime, and when they do so, they should abide by these guidelines: Don't rent a moped, don't flaunt your tourist status, don't buy too much at the Black Dog (one t-shirt is ENOUGH), make sure to experience the whole island, try to avoid the cheesy tourbus, stay with somebody you know who is a regular there, and last but not least do everything in your power to come back again and again.
"I'm heading down to Martha's Vineyard for the summer."
by Chuck14 December 2, 2005
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I live on Martha's Vineyard year round and I have to deal with all the tourists (by the way, some of whom are not all that bad) and then I get to live there through the desserted winters...and it is still my favorite place on earth. The natives are highly misunderstood. None of us are rich, we are scraping to get by because the Island is so expensive. We make our money through the tourism and we grin and bare it all for 4 months a year. The upisland beaches are gorgeous, and upisland in general is the place to be...avoid the crowds at all costs. But honestly, if you are looking for a place to hate on, look somewhere else. This is island is gorgeous and welcoming.
by thirdgenerationislander September 29, 2005
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