Being high on the smoking blend spice.
Dude, im spiced.

That spice was great, im so spiced.
by sn0wman7 June 3, 2007
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When someone become really high after smoking spice, the legal substitute for marijuana.
Dude, I'm so spiced right now, I can't even sign my own name.
by Jolene Jolene Joleeeen December 2, 2010
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Knowingly or Unknowingly smoking a cigarette laced with the drug 'Spice'.

Small amounts of this drug can be mixed with tobacco, often resulting in dramatic effects.
I feel weird, think I've been 'Spiced'!
by Gregstarandgoff December 11, 2018
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To shoot at someone but not actually knowing if the shots are hitting the intended person.
"I was wit my nigga yesterday, but we went to the store and saw that bitchass lil boy. So I pull the gun out and started rocking at his ass. I don't know if he alive or not but I spiced his ass up."
by LightBoyDan May 3, 2019
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Spice, also known as "synthetic marijuana", "legal/fake weed", "K2" etc., is a drug created by spraying herbs with synthetic chemicals that, when consumed, allegedly mimic the effects of cannabis. It's effects are much stronger than those of natural marijuana, and although not thoroughly researched, are known to be dangerous.

Seriously, there is NO reason for this stuff to be legal. Along with bath salts, this is probably the second most dangerous shit you can put into your body without getting into law trouble. It feels like you have been poisoned by someone, extreme shivering and paranoia, vomiting, increased heart rate... You could say it has weed's effects, minus the fun.

This stuff is a RESEARCH CHEMICAL. While you're buying it, you should probably ask yourself why are you buying fake weed in the first place, because if you're gonna go this far just to get "high", you shouldn't even be getting high, you're addicted.

You do not know with what this stuff is sprayed with, and it can have REALLY traumatic effects on a first-timer or even an experienced marijuana user. I've had people tell me that spice totally ruined weed for them later on.

Spice is poison. DO NOT smoke this stuff. Seriously, awareness campaigns should be started just so people know what this shit is. Yes, some states in the US have criminalized it, but it is still 100% legal in most of Europe. You've been warned.

source: Personal experience + frient of mine collapsed after one hit.
Ents around the world, don't do spice. You're better of smoking the real herb, trust me on this one.
by electrojesus November 25, 2013
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Adjective. A taste or smell characterized by the abundance of spices. When something is "spicy" but not hot.
Mmm such fruit cake. Very spiceful. Wow.
by Llama Llama December 1, 2013
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