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A young man with latent homosexual tendencies who is in denial but uses other young men's Facebook accounts to indulge in anal/penile fantasy action.
That Oliver is such a Facebook Homo. He's always using Mat's Facebook to express his desires. I wish he'd just come out and we'd all be happy.
by Garry Ladd January 28, 2010

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the use of 5 sound sources in surround sound applications, e.g. 5.1
That music is so pentaphonic
by Garry Ladd June 20, 2005

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Latin for 'with thanks'

When you get something for free as a thank-you

see also probono
I helped the guy in shop clear up some mess, he then gave me a crate of beer pro-gratis
by Garry Ladd July 11, 2005

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Generally used for external depostits of ejaculate on another person.
I pulled out my feather and splammed on her tits/face/ass.
by Garry Ladd June 06, 2005

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A security alram which is going-off in a student house, because the occupents have gone away for the weekend/vacation/summer and forgot to supply enough credit for electricity. When the credit runs out the alarm sounds intensly for days until the reserve battery power fails.

These students are a sub-set of alarmer
What's the blasted tone that's been going on for days?

Man, that's the student siren. Those kids have gone away without topping up the leccy.
by Garry Ladd July 11, 2005

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kraked softwarez received via the e-mule peer-to-peer sharing system
I got some warez today, the serialz have been well mule-tillated and you can operate pro-gratis
by Garry Ladd July 11, 2005

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