When you fart so harshly you feel like a million nails were dispersed from your asshole by farting
My spikey farts are so bad they make my butt hole bleed
by batmanfarts August 16, 2015
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Then a girl has recently shaved her pussy and the stubble has started to come through, the girl then rides your dick and gives you a red rash where the stubble has rubbed against your skin.
'Bro that bitch have me a spikey mikey last night, hurt like fuck, hope she shaves before next time'
by Abarthdriver666 May 30, 2018
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An utterance usually indicating shock or amazement, a variation of yikes but with a harder edge. A session browsing the pages of UDwill often cause this expression to be ejaculated with frequency.
"Yikey Spikey! So that what a pink sock means! I just thought it was hosiery of a pastel colour!"
by w00fdawg September 05, 2005
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An Arab group that spikes thieir hair like "Pauly D" and they think their cool.
Hey Man whats that over their?

Friend. Thats the spikey squad don't mess with them. they will attack in a large group, surronded you and beat you up before you have a chance to blink. And of course spary you with fake "Gucci" Cologene

Me. Okay
by st Marc January 23, 2014
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theres 4 people, 3 with sticks
& they hop in line & they shove the sticks up there bum!

& the one without a stick they go up the front & they just enjoy the ride
1 Person: Oh Boy lets have a spikey dinosaur
2 person: hell yes, they feel good!
1 Person: i'll gather up the people!!
by Sammdogs & shazzmelon April 10, 2010
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When your are taking a shit and it feels like a cactus is sliding out of your asshole.
John: Damn bro, I just took a spikey shit. My asshole fucking hurts.

Bill: Ah, sorry about that dude. Those are the worst.
by Defon March 20, 2018
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A description of a woman of masculine demeanor (often a lesbian) with cropped, shorn or spikey hair
My girlfriend's roommate is a spikey dykey girl who scowls every time I show up

The professor of the Women's Studies class was a spikey dykey woman who glowered at all the men in the class
by zadok the beast February 27, 2009
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