Another word for “horny” because that work is to well known and so people won’t be in your business.
Bae stop you getting me madspikey” right now.
by Kaylxss November 14, 2020
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those prickly motherfuckers sometime known as bindis that like to get stuck everywhere and anywhere particularly cotton. origins; grass. annoy the fuck out of you
mum: how was your day?
me: it was alright, got a heap of spikey cunts stuck to me from the grass
by flozwald January 14, 2021
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When your aggressively thrusting a Golden Barrel Cactus in and out of your anus.
Last night i gave my self a Spikey Fart Box it was so calming.
by Kosta The Kypreo April 28, 2021
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An oddly specific tattoo, of questionable political correctness, featuring a dollar symbol in a Star of David, with a smiley face above and the caption "cock" underneath.
Jurgen: "Did you see Mohammed's new tat, its sick!"

Sadio: "Yeah, it's a spikey mikey."

Jurgen: "He's the coolest guy in the dark."
by 100 cigarettes a day May 09, 2019
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A poop that hurts when it comes out. (Just like how spikes hurt)

Spikey fart is the brother of it: a fart that hurts when it comes out
Chad: Hey, I just had a spikey poop and it hurt like buttcheeks!

Chad 2: Oh at least you didn't have a spikey fart to follow it up.. Anyways, put some wet toilet paper on it and you'll be fine
by POOPEATER6969420 August 18, 2020
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