An unsettled mood where any event is viewed as negative or threatening. People in a spikey mood are difficult to please and react very badly to everything.
Did you speak to Sue this morning, god that girl is spikey today.

Please can you try to be less spikey on Monday mornings, I am fed up with hearing you snap at your colleagues and co-workers over nothing.
by Paulsinhis30's April 5, 2009
A Guy who has spikey hair. With loads of gel and spends time doing it.
Imran's hair is spikey, it feels like rock.
by ImRaN! October 16, 2005
Another word for “horny” because that work is to well known and so people won’t be in your business.
Bae stop you getting me madspikey” right now.
by Kaylxss November 14, 2020
Spikey is the true name of Bowser. The REAL name for Bowser. Spikey actually has a son called Little Spikey or as he is known in the game, as Bowser Jr. Spikey is a mix between a gigantic turtle and a dragon, has a mean streak to him but is also very gentle. Spikey was born on the planet of Nachuruma, 4 centuries ago, just as the hippy regime ended and a new punk regime began. Spikey was seen as a young lad as a bit ahead of his time, for he liked to listen to heavy metal and was a full pledged Goth by the age of 7. He bought his first spiked bracelet at the age of 6, after defeating Mario in the Princess's castle. At the age of 113 he was already heading his own gang that killed on odd days and helped the poor on the rest...hence why I said he has a good and a bad side to him...........But most of all, his greatest deed was to write me a letter in one of my dreams in which he told me all of that in order to help me clear his name before Joe (the monkey tamer from aberdeen) and Pete (the squash rep). "Please", he wrote, "help me explain to them that my true name is Spikey and not Bowser.Help me explain how wrong these two guys are about me".
-Hey, who's that? Isn't that the guy from Mario? That Bowser, Bawser, Bowsar...hell, whatever his name was?
-Yeah, haven't you heard?
-His REAL name is SPIKEY!!!!
by the one who proves YOU wrong February 11, 2008
a wonderful Caterpillar there are many different types of him. but the most common is the yellow & black one. spikey is wonderful. everyone should love him.
“Get on my fucking stick spikey”

“ Are you nice spikey ,,, oh you are ima touch you
by Makakakakkakakakkakakaka August 16, 2019
like the term horny, when you feel the urge to have sex really badly. Spikey is derived from the sharp pointy horns of a devil.
I started kissing my girlfriend Michelle all over her body and we both got extremely spikey.
by whippersnapp3r September 29, 2006
affectionate nickname for a girl or young woman with short, spikey hair usually in crew-cut form.
hey spikey! just get a hair cut?
by dagger_grrl February 14, 2004