The stream, sometimes violently projectile-like, of today's (or yesterday's) semi-digested consumption. It's made possible by sickness, food that didn't agree with the stomach, that last tequila shot (that you knew you shouldn't take but didn't have the will to disrespect by leaving undrunken), seeing poor souls wearing white after Labor Day (bless their little hearts), thinking some heinous disgusting thought, other sensory overloads like witnessing or smelling other spewage, or anything that makes you vom. In sum, the upper body counterpart to sewage, but expelled from the mouth.
We were having a great time, had some food and drinks and were all set to hang out for the night, but she got a spewage leak and ended up decorating the side of the car with her lasagna. Game Over.
by GR-44 January 27, 2021
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Garbled spoken nonsense from a gratuitous source.
An obnoxious character in line somewhere - “Oh yes, I’m very interested in seeing your yacht! I’ve been in the market for some time now, obviously. Hold on, I have another call. Hello, well then just get the white one schmoopzy-pooh, you know I love any Mercedes!"

This is spewage.
by tschloo May 20, 2009
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CNN conveyed more spewage in this morning's broadcast
by rapm.tmo July 10, 2018
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see fupa
when fat spills over a tightly belted waist
seecollin yamaka
damn that bitch has some major spewage goin on
by collin yamaka June 4, 2003
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ejaculate. the feel and consistency of male ejaculate, slang. silky defining soft, and spew/spewage relating to discharge
the rough and tumble rub of bodies produced one lad's silky spewage upon their bellies.
by s emery June 14, 2007
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Anal spewage results from squeezing the buttocks muscles too frequently, resulting in anal leakage.
Your girl seems to be suffering from anal spewage, perhaps you should tend to her needs, good sir!
by Jose Jones May 10, 2005
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The result of spewing liquid from your mouth as the result of reading or viewing something ridiculously stupid or hilarious.
#spewage. (Contrary to popular belief, a hashtag does constitute a complete sentence.)
by Bob Akimbo July 1, 2018
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