The sound one makes by placing his or her face in cleavage and shaking their face back and forth while exhaling creating a "brrrrrrp rrrrp rrrrp rrrrp" sound.
The hummer she gave me was so good, I gave her a speedboat as my way of saying thanks.
by Michael October 20, 2005
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Probably the coolest of the boats. Very fast and often used for racing. Also the nickname for Elizabeth SpeedBoat. Elizabeth SpeedBoat from Aspen Colorado/Los Angeles California is an artist, and the most expert of expert enterprenuers.
You want to wakeboard behind my speedboat? Hey SpeedBoat, you wanna hit this bong?
by errizarif April 20, 2009
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n, v. The act when one man buries his face in between another man's buttocks and vigorously throws his head back and forth while resonating his lips to make a "brrrrr" sound. Very similar to motorboating.
I almost passed out with delight when Henry knelt behind me, buried his face between my naked ass cheeks, and gave me a Sebago Speedboat.
by GBart444 July 07, 2011
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A car so filled with Mexicans that the rear of the car hangs low to the ground giving it the impression of a speedboat speeding across the water.
"Hey did you see that Mexican Speedboat? I think the muffler was sparking."
by Paddy O'Toole October 10, 2011
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Like the 'Cleveland steamer' you take a dump on your girls chest- then you 'motorboat' her
Barry took a big dump on his girlfriends chest, then he performed a motorboat, resulting in a Cleveland Speedboat
by matty onearly August 24, 2010
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Taking the drugs DayQuil and NightQuil at the same time. That shit cray.
i was flying on a russian speedboat the entire funeral, it was great.
by Best Test In the West October 09, 2012
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