Most amezing friend you could ever have , they are always supportive and they give the best advice. They are sometimes horny and they are amezing at flirting , they are so special and most people don't even realise it if your friend is called Aspen give them a hug they'll need it
by 145392 December 22, 2020
a boy who is goregous and, like the tree he's named after, literally glows when he talks about something he's passionate about. usually gay.
Aspen is the best gay I've ever met.
by cursedtrees July 9, 2018
A very nice, beautiful girl who can make you laugh and feel happy. you will have a lot in common with this girl and would be a fool to let this friend slip away. it is very hard not to get lost in her eyes.
by MarioOnGameboy January 15, 2011
Amazing cute girl thats fun to talk to :D. Can easily become a great friend and doesn't take long to trust her.
Wow....I has an aspen :DD
by kljgnkrjengoern April 1, 2011
Aspen is a person who is known for her smile and great personality.she has her days but in the end she’ll always be there to put a smile on your face.shes sarcastic,funny,caring,fun,clumsy,and blunt she tells you how it is because she wants your best interest. She’s also very pretty and knows how to dress.She’s loyal and will do anything for the ones she loves she gives off positive vibes and also loves food and is good at sports she’s also super creative and good at anything she does she’s super wise despite experience and is trustworthy and intelligent and can have her bad days but she always rises above
Kyle:hey do you know aspen

Joe:no but I’ve heard people talking bout her she seems cool
Kyle:shes awesome you’d love her
by rylyne April 15, 2019
Aspen is a name for a gorgeous girl with beautiful hair, in which everyone cherishes her name for being named after the most celebrity-liked place in the world. She is clumsey and often makes mistakes, but in the end she is loved and appreciated because she is open minded and helps people who is going through a hard time. Her name is uncommon, but is beautiful and makes herself original.
David: Hey, did you hear about that Aspen Chick?
Taylor: Yeah, she is that girl who is named after a city in Colorado, right?
David: Yeah, she helped me get through that problem i had in June.

Taylor: Yeah, i heard she has helped a lot of people.


Therapist:Why are you here?
Jay:I dont know. Im not supposed to be here because Aspen helped me with my problems. But thank you anyways.
Therapist: Dangit! That Aspen girl is taking all my patients!
by AwesomeColors December 28, 2010
Aspen is an amazing and wonderful person. They always manage to make you smile no matter what :D They are the modt sarcastic person you'll ever meet so never let them go.
Aspen is poggers
by Hi ily May 1, 2021