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Famous ultra-easy listening "big band"started circa 1925 Royal Canadians who lasted from the twenties to the seventies when the leader died in 1977, then revived in the 1980s. Often and unsurprisingly, given the changing tastes over the century and plus, if remembered at all today, maligned as horrid by usually the clueless critics who don't know how much people needed a laid back mellow dance. Understandable opinion, though, since the band reflected as they called themselves, "The sweetest music this side of heaven" and should posthumously remain THE symbol New Year's Eve.Because of the uber-old-fashioned and "conservative" sound, rooted in their 1920s beginnings, they were often either overlooked or ignored and thus erased from post-1940s write-ups by many critics, thus still later largely forgotten by susbsquent generations, yet his "Royal Canadians" dance orchestra included many jazz stars.Guy died 11/05/77.PS UNLIKE Justin Bieber, another performer who is hopelessly corny and attacked, Guy Lombardo 1902-1977 had amazing talent & know how, even though supplanted in post-1940s eras.
A: "Canada...hmm..Canada..Celebs from there: Michael J.Fox, John Candy, Jim Carrey, Sarah MacLachlan, the Degrassi High kids and franchise, Eugene Levy's wacky Second City Troupe, John Kricfalusi and his nutty mind"
B: "Guy Lombardo...that big band who did New year's and kept the New York stage warm until 1972 when Dick Clark took over, and died a few months after Elvis did."

A: not understanding "Oh yeah. the guy who was known as Glenn Miller and Lawrence Welk, right".

Self-confessed music nerd:"Some of my favorite stars would get my friends laughing at me: Debbie Gibson, Amanda Bynes, Pat Boone, Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians."

Guy Lombardo is the music your great grandmother listned to, so it's unhip to admit you're a fan of it..

What actually happened in "Real Gone Woody", a 1954 Woody Woodpecker cartoon: A square shaped disc by Guy Lo,bardo
by ESSJAY January 27, 2011
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