A phrase mostly used by people that stay in the 757 area in southeastern viginia. Across the water is used when a person is traveling via the tunnel or bridges to the southside or peninsula.
Boy: You tryna go to club?
Girl: Yea, how bout Mystique in the Beach
Boy: Hell naw! Thats across the water. Lets go to Vegas in the newz
Girl: Iight
by NubianQueen March 21, 2011
A leader in exile, or in waiting. A person out of power.
Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, might be the Prince Across the Water of Britain's Conservative Party.
by sharpslaw August 10, 2012
A phrase used by Irish people (who dislike the English) to describe the English
Jimmy : "So Paddy, who are Irelnad playin' in the next match, do yi' know?"

Paddy : "Them across the water"

Jimmy : "Oh..!"
by D-man...sniper at work October 29, 2007