the tiny hole at the end of the penis, resembles eye of person of japanese extraction.
He fucked a melon and got some seeds stuck in his japs eye
by lannery March 23, 2005
slang term for the small 'japanese eye' shaped hole at the end of the penis.
'Stephen hit the ceiling after inserting mustard up his japs eye'
by donkeyboyd March 21, 2006
slang word for the opening at the end of a penis
Piss was pouring out of his japs eye.
He had fire shooting out of his japs eye.
by david sidebotham April 19, 2006
Slit at the end of a penis representing a japanese persons eye, this is also where the sperm meets the world, can also be shortened to be japs
James McNeil is a JAPS EYE!!!, ive got something stuck in my japs
by James McNeil April 19, 2006
The british slang for the hole on the top of a man's penis.

wookie hole, upper sphincter, purple top, hole in the helmet
Guy 1: So did the "sexy time" go alrite for you last night?
Guy 2: Not really, she shoved her fingers up my japs eye and it HURT.
by John Clarkie January 27, 2008
The external opening of the male urethra, appearing as a slit at the end of the penis. Perceived by Europeans to resemble the eye of a Japanese man, some consider the term racist, but it clearly isn't, because Japanese men have them too.
Takahiro's attempts to find medical attention for the burning sensation in his Jap's eye were initially thwarted when he was directed to an optometrist.
by Urban Keith November 4, 2013
British slang <n> (Offensive)
The only externally visible part of the urethra on a male where semen and urine is secreted from the body.
Known as a 'Jap's eye' due to the similarity between the shape of the stereotypical Japanese eye and that the opening on the penis is much like a slit.
Although the phrase is not used in a directly racist manner, people of Far Eastern origin may take offence to the use of the term.
"Jeremy inserted a drill bit into his Jap's eye and proceeded to utterly maim himself."
by Stuart Fletcher November 3, 2004