1. A district of central London.

2. (SoHo) A district of southwest Manhattan, New York City. South of Houston Street, hence SoHo.
I woke up in a Soho doorway. A policeman knew my name. He said, "You can go sleep at home tonight if you can get up and walk away."
by Wang Chung January 18, 2004
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short for South of Houston Street. Located in Manhattan but extremely hard to designate a specific startpoint and endpoint as it is constantly changing and growing. Currently Manhattan's Largest Mall. Historically known as an artists haven, most have fled to Williamsburg, Brooklyn
On my last trip to New York city, I went to Times Square, The Empire State Building, Little Italy and Soho.
by ritechus September 12, 2005
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The area of Manhattan between Houston&Canal, and Bowery&6th Ave. While not very large, Soho has become the definition of what most people think of when they think of Manhattan. Countless upscale/overpriced stores, delis where a sandwich costs more than a steak, and coffee houses far and wide. The number one tourist attraction despite its conplete lack of historical and personal value. While it keeps Manhattans economy booming is exactly what will keep the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Has succeeded in destroying the City from the inside.
Jeff: Hey man, we're all goin' out Soho to get some 12 dollar sandwiches and then we'll hit up Starbucks for some 7 dollar coffee.

Dave:(single tear drips from his eye)
by Clover G April 1, 2006
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A blending of the word sorority and the shortened slang term for whore. A girl willing to screw her way to the top either financially or socially regardless of the consequences to herself or her friends.
Samantha and I are good friends, but get a few drinks in her and she's a total Soho. Watch your back !
by Dan January 10, 2004
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a ridiculously good looking man. typically an asshole, and almost always a guido.
heather:"oh my god check out that guy right there."
Brittany:"yeahhh hes such a Soho."
by brittsexy August 8, 2010
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A store in a mall that sells fine jewelry.
When i was at Westroads Mall we went into soho.
by kristi March 2, 2005
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In Manhattan, New York City, New York, Soho is the area just South of Houston Street.
I just got this kickin apartment in Soho!
by David Maurio May 17, 2004
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