When a boat goat or frog hog mix and match Team guys and Boat Guys over a period of time.
Hey guys you hear what happened last weekend? Jennie is now a SO-HO! Laughs ensue
by MarySwanson August 05, 2011
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a ridiculously good looking man. typically an asshole, and almost always a guido.
heather:"oh my god check out that guy right there."
Brittany:"yeahhh hes such a Soho."
by brittsexy August 07, 2010
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a term for a guy or girl
towards a guy means (goodlooking but cocky/asswhole)
towards a girl means (whore/acting slutish)
did you see amy at the club last night she was totally acting like a soho.

wow i talked to kenny lastnight i like him but he's such a soho
by liyah foster April 08, 2011
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A store in a mall that sells fine jewelry.
When i was at Westroads Mall we went into soho.
by kristi March 01, 2005
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