A phrase used while simultaneously creating motion by pointing just below the eye and running down the cheek, as if there were a tear there.

Used to express a humorous sadness to another person about something in conversation.
I finally dumped that stupid, asshole boyfriend. Single tear.
by thejfo May 05, 2007
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When a dude can just ooze out a single droplet while cumming.
Zain's gf totally loves facials, but sadly for her, he's just a single tear dude.
by Zain Malik April 07, 2015
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When you are single and people brag about how many dicks they have sucked
McGee: I have 46 boyfriends and 28 girlfriends!

MisterRickRoll: One single tear.......dropping onto the ground.
by It.was.not.me December 11, 2016
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Its the perfect tear. One that was created by Jensen Ackles while filming a season of Supernatural.
A single man tear is all I'll spare
by SamWinchestersGirl January 08, 2018
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