Mom: That's it, I am TAKING AWAY your cell phone!
Daughter: But Soft, I didn't do anything wrong!
by Ghangis24 June 01, 2009
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Weak, spongy, doughy, cowardly, tired, and unable to stand up to your woman. Best when yelled at the top of your longs. SOOOOFT!
He didn't come out last night. He was in bed by 9pm. SOOOOOOOOOFT!
by Anonymous January 24, 2003
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1 - yielding readily to pressure or weight

2 - (of sound) relatively low in volume

3 - compassionate and kind; conciliatory

4 - (of size) not necessarily corpulent, but certainly round; in essence the "soft" (3) way of calling someone fat
1 - "the fabric is very soft and luxurious"

2 - "soft voices"; "soft music"

3 - "he was soft on his children"

4 - "look at noel, he's soft; quite pokeable indeed"
by leonhartlethargy July 08, 2007
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"Darn Jungwoo is the softest boy in the world"
by sonnie uwu May 01, 2018
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