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The softest member in kpop group nct. He literally speaks uwu. He holds the uwu nation on his back. nctzens usually ship him with every member.
the only person who speaks uwu is jungwoo.
by tytrack June 11, 2018
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A person who's heart is bigger than the universe.
You can't not love him. You may think you don't but yet you do! His the softest person you can meet. Every time you see him you're going to melt on the inside. You won't even know what you're feeling because he has all mess you up.
His uwu smile with his uwu eyes and uwu face!
If you don't know what a UWU is, search for Kin Jungwoo and you'll know!
Jungwoo is someone who will make your day better by just smiling because he's smile is so soft and sweet, your heart won't be able to smile back!
Jungwoo is the light in my life.
My love, my heart, my soul, my breath, my everything!
He is one of the greatest Idols out there! Everyone should look up to him.

Please support and love our sweet, kind and gentle Jwoos! (And the other NCT members too)
"Omg do you see Jungwoo?"
"Yeah! Uwuwuwuwuwu"
"He makes my heart melt, I can't take it! sksksksksk"
by jwoosuwunic🐬 July 23, 2018
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A human that makes everyone whipped for him and his cute face, voice etc.
At the NCT U fanmeet, everyone made uwu faces at Jungwoo when he breathed.
by taeyong's bitch June 13, 2018
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Jungwoo is simply an angel who blessed the world with his birth. He is the fake makne(youngest member) of NCT the Kpop group. His singing can cure cancer and cleared my skin, so mabey it can clear yours too. To hear his heavenly voice, listen to "Welcome to my Playground" by NCT127. Thank you and have a goodnight.
by htmlONCE February 12, 2019
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