“What you needed?”
Aye let me get a KD.”
by Bham Ebonics June 27, 2017
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A KD is and eighth of an ounce (zip, zone, oz). It is called a KD because Kevin Durant wears the jersey number 35 (an eighth is 3.5 grams). Mostly marijuana smokers use this term, but can be used for other things.
“Yo what you cop earlier? A gram?”

“Nah moe, I copped a KD.”
by YoungDMV October 25, 2018
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KD is actually the acronym for "knowledge drop". Occurs when you miss an event, and need to get a KD on what happened from someone that attended. Or when you don't know enough about a topic but are speaking to an SME, they give you a KD.
Just spoke with Mary about that party last night and got the KD.

My internet is down so I need to get a KD to prepare for a quiz.
by mdorsett July 14, 2018
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Short for one with initials K and D in tha name, usually a crew or gand related reference. Associated with baller status.
Yo man those glasses is hot, Kd has got em
by Kyle January 05, 2004
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An acronym for Kentucky Deluxe, a whiskey consumed mostly by freshmen in college and frat boys because of its incredibly low price and their incredibly low standards for alcohol.
"Hey you're white and have a flat bill slightly off center on your head, so I assume you like KD!"
"You assume correctly!"
by BourbonMaster November 22, 2014
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1. A person who was always humble, but has finally broken out of their shell and is totally out of their previous character. For example, they might go stirrin shit up and starting fights and robbing niggas.
2. (I dont really support this one cuz KD my MVP) A snake, THOT or HO (Hoe).
1. Bro Nan is ouuta control nowadays. Shit tho look! She smackin up those posers in the white boy clique. She a Eshay KD.
2. Fuckin hate Julia now smh. Why she turned out to be a KD, feels for Jeth.
by Nahmirrr April 01, 2018
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