defines someone that thinks he's tough (hard) but is really just a weak punk
Colin challenged me to a rap battle me but got beat because he's soft.
by bigjimmay May 16, 2010
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Cocaine. Crack is hard as opposed to "soft" powder cocaine. Also known as "salt"
You want that hard? Or that soft?
by Ali J December 20, 2004
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*Also a song title by Elastia.
person #1: How do you do?
person #2: S.O.F.T.
by Shin71 April 21, 2009
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an older person that has very little sense. whatever theyve done and they know theyre in the wrong, they fall into the catagory of "soft".this is usually used when small children and old ladies are around, stil..old ladies are not exempt from the term which means......
old grumpy get, pushing a wheelchair with his elderly mother in it, deliberately rams into your achilles....the retort would be "stupid old fucking twat"
or "s.o.f.t. cunt"
by mik63 August 13, 2007
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a person packing zero heat and is of no threat to anyone.
"Laura is so soft, and ridiculously short"
by stevenjr April 23, 2008
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Soft- The act of being gentle in a female way so as to avoid physical conflict.
Most soft people are normally little girls and enjoy sitting and or cuddling with stuffed animals. Boys/Dudes/Men can range from anywhere between Soft to Tender, Tender being the softest of softs. This means you speak like a little bitch, saying adorable one liners to girls, and do cutsie things such as holding hands and blushing over girls.
Being soft isnt normally a bad thing, seeing as you can sometimes get ass, or snag bitches with such qualities. Girls like soft dudes, as they are normally extremely romantic. These are actually the guys who put their expensive as fuck jackets in mud puddles, because the girl is too retarded to walk around them. Will also cuddle with girls during The Dark Knight, because Batman is the ultimate god of Pillows, and all that is Tender.
Dom: ''Dude, did you cuddle with Brooke during The Dark Knight?''

Aaron: ''Yea, i fucking love that girl.''

Dom: ''Bitch, you are soft, you are tender beyond belief!''

Aaron: ''So, you kiss niggas!''
by A_S_G February 16, 2010
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