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An invulnerability fetish. More specifically, Snuffie is sort of a giggling cousin to the snuff fetish.

In Snuffie however, pain is replaced by pleasure and nothing is permanent. It's very much like Looney Tunes-style cartoon violence, but more like; 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool if nothing could hurt me, and if things that normally would hurt felt yiffy instead?'

Another difference between snuffie and snuff (guro, too) is that snuffie is usually bloodless. Graphic descriptions of innards and gore are avoided most of the time, unless presented in a gleeful, gross-out kind of way (Garbage Pail Kids as opposed to Paul Verhoven).

Snuffie fans might draw or write scenarios of getting squashed, blown to bits, eaten, skewered or otherwise mutilated, but the most important thing is that everyone involved is having a good time and they know they'll be fine afterwards. In fact, the character's knowlege of being safe no matter what happens is a big part of snuffie. In this sense, it is different from necrophilia in that death is not the turn-on; the *absence* of death is.

Most importantly though, snuffie is a fetish which is not to be taken seriously. Snuffie is silly. Snuffie is childlike. Snuffie is the antithesis of angst.

Snuffie lends itself very well to chat logs, and is often linked with furry fans, vore, macrophile or castration/nullification.

Possibly the easiest way to tell the difference between snuff and snuffie is, if you look at it and say "Aww, that's cute!" instead of "EEEYAH!!!", then it's probably snuffie.
"I just read this great snuffie story online! The main character gets their head chopped off, then he and his friends play basketball with it!"

"I was RPing with another fur in a chat room and I suddenly realized he was a snuffie fan when he bit off my penis, put it in a hot dog bun, and asked me if I had any mustard."
by Alex Reynard November 29, 2006
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