college age male interested in beer, boobs, and the like. Similar to a frat boy but not necessarily a member of the greek system. Begins most thoughts with "Fuck dude. . . "

Things a fuck dude would say:
- "Fuck dude, last night I was sooo drunk . . fuck dude."
- "Fuck dude I was totally going to fuck this chick, but her friend cock blocked me, and I was all 'fuck dude!'"
"Man, that apartment complex is full of fuck dudes."
by Tim Hemesath July 27, 2004
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a faggot that doesn't want to say his name but feels like defending his girl even though he doesn't have the balls to talk to you.
Fuck dude you're a fucking pussy suck my dick you won't even say you're fucking name some shit you care about her.
fuck dude i dont even feel like talking to you you're so full of shit.
by carl fucking hecker October 21, 2006
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a term used for making fun of a freind: also used in a situation your not in control of: used in a mob situation when a person not from the mob is trying to sway the ideology of said mob
man what the fuck were you thinking dude: hey what the fuck dude are you fuckin loco: hey buddy why are you trying to fuck with us.... i meam really what the fuck dude
by magnum the hammer mike January 14, 2009
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Generally used to imply shock that the previous person has posted something either outrageously distasteful or outrageously off topic.
Someone: "I'm glad something bad happened"
Me: "What the actual fuck, dude"
by NoNoNoNoNoNoHellNo December 23, 2019
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Something one male, usually but not necessarily in the 15-45 age group, is wont to say to another male, when they are pleased, or are affirming their choice, feelings, experience, results, or the turn of events in general. 'Fuck' being an emphasiser. Occasionally spoken accidentally to a female, which becomes more comical in effect.
""hey, buddy, do you want to go on a road trip to a magical land?"
"Fuck yeah dude!"

"It's warm and the sun is out, what a day for summer fun"
"Fuck yeah, dude!"

""Let's be buds forever"
"Fuck yeah dude!"

*fist bumps and bro-hugs for all*
by k7d3b5 June 30, 2013
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An affirmative exclamation professed by ecstatic females (or males) during sexual intercourse at the point of orgasm.
It is also a lifestyle brand started in the year 9 a.d.
"Fuck Yeah Dude!"
"Where are you going?"
"I'm going to pee out your cum!"
by skeezyjet July 25, 2009
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