Ronnie (from MTV's Jersey Shore): yea, we smushed last night
by jwelch December 18, 2009
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someone who is very cute. being called a smush is the cutest compliment ever.
Omg my bf just got me chocolate and flowers he’s such a smush!!!!
by user888 March 20, 2019
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A term originally from MTV's Jersey Shore, meaning to have sex.
Snooki: I like to smush!
by Milskies October 23, 2010
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The act of pressing a flaccid penis against a woman's groin area in a vain attempt at sexual intercourse. Typically occurs as a result of intoxication.
Man, I couldn't get it up last night, but I did smush that bitch.
by wellington835 May 5, 2009
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smush·ed, smush·ing
(smǝsh, smoosh) verb. 1. to push or shove two or more things together.

2. to combine two or more words into a new, original word.

3. to squeeze tightly.
I had to smush all my socks together to fit them in the drawer.

I was smushed between two big guys on the flight home.
by pose2pose February 7, 2011
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'I sat on my cupcake and smushed it'

'Back up - don't smush me!'
by deanne July 13, 2005
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when i next see you, you're going to get a bi~g smush. all the smushes.
by stinbishify February 24, 2017
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