To vigorously squash and mush something
"Oh my god did you just smush cake in Grandad's face?!?!"

"Sure did, apparently it's got anti aging properties in it"
by unresp0nsive August 18, 2013
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The act of pressing a flaccid penis against a woman's groin area in a vain attempt at sexual intercourse. Typically occurs as a result of intoxication.
Man, I couldn't get it up last night, but I did smush that bitch.
by wellington835 May 04, 2009
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smushy smusher
A smush is a word created by a Human being who has fallen head over heels in love with a significant other. To be a smush is a very admirable and accomplishing title. May also be accompanied by dimes & peaches if infected with this love bug.
You are so smushy right now
That’s my smusher
I love you Smush
by ZZ smush December 26, 2018
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smush·ed, smush·ing
(smǝsh, smoosh) verb. 1. to push or shove two or more things together.

2. to combine two or more words into a new, original word.

3. to squeeze tightly.
I had to smush all my socks together to fit them in the drawer.

I was smushed between two big guys on the flight home.
by pose2pose February 07, 2011
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