Someone who is of the upper class and brags about it.
"That new girl Courtney really is such a snob."
"I heard she comes from some rich doctor family!"
"Well that'd explain it..."
by 1240onafridayafternoon June 27, 2015
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thinks shes the shit even has a patch on her letter jacket for being class favorite. fucking dumbass
shes as low as the scum at the bottom of a swamp
by t b November 10, 2003
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originated when cruises to america were popular (think titanic) all of the "upper-calss" people would go Port. Out. Starboard. Back. Basically because this side had the nicest views.
now a good word to describe those who word lick their own ass before touching someone who they think is below them.
the steriotypical snob is english I WONDER WHY THAT IS???
english pricks
by snob impersonator January 04, 2005
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someone who says hey to you in the hallway, even when you know they hate your freaking guts.
snob: hey allen
allen: ...snob
by Doug T. Gorilla September 26, 2008
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