pretty much the same thing as racism, only on more of a religious or sexual basis.
That bitch hitler persecuted jews.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 16, 2005
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1) Oppression of a religious group that is despised by most of society.
2) In right-wing fundamentalist Newspeak, the act of disagreeing with fundamentalist protestants and/or refusing to give them special entitlements, such as school-sponsored prayer.
1) What the Nazi regime did to the Jews was true persecution.
2) Christians don't persecute Wiccans!!! They persecute us by not letting us burn them at the stake!!!
by Conrad June 9, 2004
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Someone with a persecution fetish - normally straight christian conservatives - believes that they are persecuted and oppressed to make themselves feel special and play the victim, when in reality those people are the ones who persecute others themselves.
Person1: ''It's horrible, we christian white straight men are being erased from media and censored''
Person2: ''mf you were just talking about how you hate gay people, quit having a persecution fetish''
by TomatoLoss July 18, 2023
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One of the top fifteen factors that can transform a reasonable, amiable, friendly person with reasonable, friendly beliefs and ideas into a ranting, screaming, judgemental zealot with poisonous, nauseating, self-righteous dreck for beliefs.
Persecution complex can strike anyone, regardless of belief, creed or religion, or whether they disagree with you or not. Once you start believing that the whole world is against you, you begin to justify your abominable actions by the presumed hostility of the world. Mind you, it's a great way to not only make enemies, but also an excellent way of making people reject your beliefs and idealogy.
by T-Boy August 29, 2003
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When the number π is being spied 24/7/365 online and trolled by envious or jealous numerical constants, who couldn’t stand her global appeal or fame, as thousands of mathematicians and math educators worldwide maniacally devote an obscene number of hours every year trying to discover hidden properties about her.
Constants like e and 𝛷, conspiring with √2 and i, have been repeatedly accused of pi persecution, because they’ve allegedly or unprovenly ganged up to serially and spitefully downvote any old and new Urban Dictionary entries on π every day.
by Fasters January 23, 2022
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When authoritarian regimes force millions of anti-vaxxers to get a shot even if their jobs don’t require them to do so, or if they are no longer working or have retired—they have a choice: jab or jail.
Guesstimate how many folks worldwide would rather face vaccine persecution by going to jail than compromising on their religious conviction.
by MathPlus July 11, 2021
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What whiny right wing morons whine about anytime their criticized, thus showing they the contempt they have the first amendment of the US constitution. They will usually site the Roman Empire throwing christians to the lions as an example. Despite the fact that this was a punishment only handed to criminals and denying that early christians were arsonists and terrorists.
Christian Persecution is the excuse the right wing uses as an excuse to commit genocide against those not deemed white or christian enough.
by Burn Mar-a-Lago July 25, 2019
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