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A town whose zip code spans 20 different towns because everyone wants to say theyre from Scarsdale
I live in Eastchester but my address says Scarsdale, NY 10583.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
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The town in which snobby moms meet for coffee at Starbucks, or grab a bite from Metro, Chat and Moscato and exchange the latest gossip, Walk street fathers head off to work every morning in their designer suits carrying Italian leather suitcases, and teenagers in fancy cars typically the Audi A4 with music turned all the way up, drive to the highschool to start a new day of classes and social interactions. A place of large homes and an unnecessary number of golf courses. The village of Scarsdale has control over how tall trees get, whether or not street lights are allowed, and if cobblestones are allowed in your driveway.
Typical Scarsdale Kid: You got your license? Did you get you get stuck with your moms BMW or did they get you the new Audi A4?
by SHSkid January 07, 2010
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Scarsdale is a very nice, extremely educational and partially wealthy town just north of New York City.
Scarsdale, admittedly, can be JAPPY and people sometimes unfortunately make fun of people if they don't have lots of money. But, we live here. We grew up here. And we have friends who don't care what we have or wear, they care about US. And yes, the public schools are INCREDIBLE and are very hardworking, and it is true that a large percentage of the students get into great colleges. So don't assume the TOTAL population of Scarsdale are JAPPY snobs, because that is just a stereotype. It is a really nice and safe town and just because there are nice houses, doesn't mean we are filthy rich snobs.
by HBLS October 08, 2008
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1. A town in England mentioned in Monty Python.

2. A town in Westchester named after the town in England by founder Caleb Heathcote in 1703. It is known for 5 things:

-The "Scarsdale Diet" and the subsequent murder of the Doctor who came up w/ it.
-A place of residence for both Linda McCartney and Yoko Ono during their childhoods.
-One of top 5 schools in Westchester (w/ a 100% graduation rate into universities and colleges).
-VERY high real estate prices due to above.
-Severe marijuana and alcohol problems among most high schoolers, which led to an unfortunate Homecoming dance which was filled with pools of vomit and 5 hospitalized teens due to binge drinking before the dance.
1. -So you're wife's been around, eh? Eh? Knowwhatimean?
-Yes. She's from Scarsdale.
Monty Python.

2. We'll buy a new house… in Scarsdale!

3. If I wanted to hear childish bickering i'd visit my grandparents in Scarsdale!
–Laws of Attraction
by MaSh92587 August 10, 2004
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Is a town. It deserves criticism for giving rise to people like whoever posted the 11th definition. Otherwise, it is a town full of a decent amount of normal people and a decent amount of snobs, but nevertheless stigmatized and stereotyped because of a small percentage of its population.
"I am from Scarsdale"

"Oh! You must be a ungrateful snob because you were born in particular region of the country where some other people are!"
by stfuplease January 22, 2007
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Home of the Jews. Needless to say, if you venture out into this wealthy NYC suburb during a Jewish holiday such as Yom Kippur, alas! No stores are open. Anywhere.

So don't even try.

But the high school is bangin' yo. They got them TVs in the hallways.
"Yo, I took the SATs at Scarsdale high the other day, and man, it was madd filled with asians and jews!"

"Ew, that girl is such a JAP. She must be from Scarsdale."
by citizen of rye March 21, 2005
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A town where people will look at you like you have 3 heads if you say you plan on attending a public university. The main town that gives Westchester County a bad name (or good name, which ever way you look at it.) The reason people think Westchester is full of snobs is mostly b/c of Scarsdale. A town whose postal address spans, literally, 6 towns, so that some people in Eastchester, Yonkers, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and Greenburgh can impress their relatives in Jersey by saying they live in "Scarsdale". A place where you are the pariah if you didn't get a Ferrari for your 15th birthday.
Everything that happens in Scarsdale is such a big fucking deal. Bomb threat at Scarsdale High School - front page of the newspaper. Bomb threat at Mount Vernon High School - wait, I've never heard of any bomb threats there...
The word "snob" derives from Scarsdale:
New york
by YO Man June 30, 2004
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