4 definitions by Timmey'O'Tewl

*; A person who is a constipated arsehole.

or; See's themselves better than anyone else.

or; Rudely dismiss you.
Walking down the street I say "Hello" or "Hey" and all I get is a mumble or a cold shoulder.
by Timmey'O'Tewl March 19, 2004
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A word used in slang for describing sex.
Example: "I'd have sex with her"
With the slang: "I'd stove her"
by Timmey'O'Tewl March 20, 2004
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A nickname for a person who is a hell tripper.
Hey tic tac is everything going ok? *scratch* *scratch* *scratch* *scratch* *scratch* "Just peaking!!!!!..... BYE!!!"... .. .
by Timmey'O'Tewl February 17, 2004
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The ulitmate of all devistators, "You are a Shit Bloke", you say it aggressively its harsher than cunt.

"Fucking shit bloke!"
"You are one shit bloke"
"Your a shit bloke sunshine"
"I haven't seen any shit blokes around except for you!"
Jack sold half a box of cigarettes for $20 to a drunk.

Tim yells at Jack "Boy! Your a Shit Bloke!"
by Timmey'O'Tewl February 02, 2004
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