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A submissive that likes to push their doms buttons on purpose hoping that they’ll punish them.
Ashley: he tells me I’m such a brat, but what’s wrong with wanting to be choked then slammed into a wall while being kissed.

Friend: wtf is wrong with you
by Brattysub101 February 11, 2020
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wrong-->"Oh my god, Jessica, your post literally scared me to death" right--> "I literally wrote this post at 3:04 A.M."
by Deathmatch1127 April 14, 2015
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A type of bdsm label, in which a sub (in most cases) enjoys misbehaving to the (dom,caregiver, ect.) for attention and punishments.
Hi i'm Lunar and my bdsm pronouns are sub/brat/kitten. :3
by lunarkitty March 07, 2017
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Usually a child with an obnoxious attitude, and says no to anything asked. Throws a lot fits.
That Lucia is a brat....
by AsianNerd101 February 09, 2017
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A brat is a person that always gets what they want and the rules are bent in their favor. They end up with the best of everything - with legal clearance and priveledge.
Then after he left his last high paying job in sales - he was asked to work as a manager in the executive branch overseeing the long term assets. He is such a brat, did you see his new maserati?
by SF - guy April 16, 2017
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Little snob kids or kids that are anoyying and stupid.
Brat: "na na na na na :P".

Baby Sitter: "Come here you little brat!!".

Rich Brat: "I am going to tell my daddy that you won't let me play with your cellphone!".

Nana: "Shut up you little brat!!".
by escapedgoat September 30, 2004
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