Man, the dog just came in covered in snice. Awesome!
by Roxie AKA LisaLeesaLisa January 10, 2011
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An interrupting phrase used to ignore an annoying person mid-sentence or to just make them feel bad about themselves.
Gio: "Oh hey bro, last night I was just sitting there on my computer and I was browsing your myspace pics and..."
Brooks: "SNICE"
Gio: "Awww boo hooooo!" *cries*
by GiovanniClean April 3, 2009
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person 1: yo hows that weed?
person 2: this shit is snice.
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"Hey man I just got a new phone"
"Woah snice!"
by Dhpickle December 2, 2014
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Nice and smart mixed together. It means smart and nice. By milk and cheese
See that girl milk? she’s soooo snice
by chilk March 7, 2021
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A crude contraction of "that's nice" or "it's nice." Used by an uninterested person who's trying not to SOUND uninterested.
"Check out my new video game. It's about *blah, blah, blah.* So whatcha think?"

by Wordmeister 5000 December 13, 2012
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(adjective) To be pleasing, enjoyable, high quality or just plain dope as hell. A combination of sweet and nice.

Can also be spelled: snyce.
"Have you heard the new Ween album? That shit is snice, yo."
by Brian Callaghan December 10, 2007
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