He is the best person you could ever meet. He loves his friends even tho he doesn't show it. Except, for the girl he likes. He will show that he cares at any time any where. He may seem annoyed, but yet all he is doing is protecting you. HE will protect you from any guy asking you out. He is the most cutest/hottest boy you will ever meet. He keeps secrets that you tell him. He just is the most amazing person ever.
Omg HE IS SO CUTE!!!!! What's his name.........gio of course sis
by GamerGirl123abc March 8, 2019
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Half God half human, handsome and very good in bed. Also nicknamed Lord.
In order to be called Gio, you need to have the same level as Lord Gio. Technically no one can be called Gio because his level of royal highness is impossible to achieve, however you can call a person "Gio-like" if he has some of Gio's qualities.
This guy looks like a greek God, you can say he is Gio-like.
by titsrainbowssparkle September 9, 2014
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A guy who allways try to stay out of drama and is good in bed
by Disconic January 18, 2017
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The definition of smoking hot and probably the sweetest nicest most loving bf in the entire world. any girl would be lucky to have a guy like him. you will never want to loose him. he is a keeper. I LOVE YOU MORE GIO!
see that guy? he is a gio ;)
by ilovehimmore September 20, 2011
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Gio is often used as a nickname for the name Giovanni.The name Giovanni is of Italian origin and it translates to John in English.
''Hey,do you know who that Italian cat Gio is?''
''Yeah,all the ladies keep talking about him and he's of Italian Descent and told me that his real name is Giovanni but everybody has always called him Gio as a nick.''
by Elite_Metal_Head December 16, 2007
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Raddest dude out there is prolly big in all the right places. Most likely lives in Washington and is a good swimmer
Damn Gio looks like he has a big package in them swimmer shorts
by Tocodaddy April 10, 2019
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