slang term for cigarette, coined by ska band No Class in their song "One more nicer"
I need a nicer

"One more nicer for the road"
by Russ Insane July 11, 2008
Someone that does irrelevant things that are considered unacceptable.
The boy who spilled his drink is a nicer.
by freakindude212 August 13, 2009
A beautiful young man that get all the ladies, he very good at basketball and can break ankles
Damn I Want Nicere
by Leah_4435 June 18, 2019
a term used to describe an ideal situation.
are yall comin over later to kick it?

you know it.

by mack June 18, 2006
a version of "nice" or "thats chill". used when something dope takes place
by mack June 17, 2006
a reference to all things positive. popularized in the classic hit "Sick Nicers" written and performed by Beverage Tunx.
That bird has a great set of sick nicers; that's fucking sick nicers!
by Slimmy Hollywood February 10, 2005
When someone is nicer than actually nice... Uber-NiCE
Your sister is nice... BUT you are Nicey-Nicer :P
by CoR ziz Me January 8, 2012