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The action of a woman dragging her vaginal area over a surface. Resulting in a residual trail of bodily fluids being left behind.
Ashley: Our boss is a dick!
Lauren: Yea! Im planning on snailing his desk as soon as the asshole leaves!
by Bertha1548 February 27, 2014
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Resembles Planking, but you raise your butt in the air, tilt you'r head to the side and put your hands straight behind. Snaily.
Guy 1: Hey man you wana come planking?
Guy 1: Fuck planking, im into snailing!
by Uneliasmarsu November 26, 2011
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When a girl is so wet if she were to walk it would leak out of her underwear and resemble a snail as it walks down the side walk leaving the shinny residue on the ground behind them
(Ex 1):Tom : "Dude we just left the bar and I had all the girls frat move"

(Ex 2):"Dude did you see that girl snailing over Tyler last night,? she was super hot"

(Ex 3) Will : "Hey sweet polo bathing suit, haha that looks like a cowboy should be wearing it, what you think John ?"
John :" haha yeah your gonna have all the girls snailing "
by Tygercub2008 July 06, 2009
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after a man ejaculates inside, the girl rubs on his body while pushing the ejaculate out, leaving a trail like a snail
the guy flipped out when she went snailing on his leg
by mojoe86 April 13, 2009
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When a group of Men ejaculate onto a woman's stomach and chest, then make her slide across the floor while salt is thrown at her by the handful.
"Me and my 8 bro's got into Snailing a chick across the wood floor last night, we got salt everywhere"

"Jenna let me snail her, I think I love her"

"She's a ride or die bitch, I heard she even into Snailing"
by QWERTYASDFGHZXCVBN September 17, 2012
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When your horney girlfriend forgets how to be delicate whilst riding your face and unintensionally causes a moment of suffocation. Possibly involves some damaged cartilage.
"Freddy rolled into work on Monday with a spread nose and a smile on his face. Bill said 'What happened to you?' . 'Tina gave me a savage snailing last night. Worth it but'"
by J=star May 13, 2016
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Snailing, when you snail someone. First, you rotate your scrotum & balls to the top of your penis, so the upward-facing balls and penis looks like the shape of a snail. Then you drag it along the face of someone. Leaving a trail of smegma or sweat is optional.
I went snailing all over Devin's face last night after he passed out!
by DTemp December 26, 2006
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