Brooklyn lingo for saying something is cool, nice
Diamonds super smutty think my wrist need a replay

I pulled up in the Louis fit real smutty
by LickGodLun November 27, 2018
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It’s for the gang smutty gang from Madison Wisconsin founded by the uncle dope smoke
by Ebk February 25, 2018
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Jack's mom found the stash of smutty magazines he kept hidden beneath his mattress.

Since she manages to turn every conversation into a discussion of sex, Jill was accused of having a smutty mind.
by nicog May 31, 2007
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kassandra fucked me and topped up my nigga in the same night therefore she smutty
by strappeddyke May 21, 2019
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a) A girl that sleeps in your housemate’s bed on a regular basis. She may or may not pay rent, and she may or may not be well liked by the previously mentioned housemate. She is normally a member of a sorority.

b) A general term for a slutty girl in or from New Jersey.

Plural – Smutties
"Hey (insert housemate's name) where is your sumtty tonight?"

Man, there sure are a lot og Theta Phi Alfa smutties here tonight
by A-dog February 5, 2005
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a word used to discribe somthing thats proper nice, expensive or posh. mainly things like watches
is that a breitling?? SMUTTY
by dinglebergthethird May 15, 2009
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1) Guy from Pittsburg area that calls a vaccuum a sweeper.

2) People obsessed with the steelers and cry at night about their loss

3) Person that spells "of" like "og" or "Alpha" with an F
Craig has been crying like a smutty since the steelers lost.

Aaron spells like a smutty.
by Alfa Class Member February 25, 2005
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